Real Estate Licensing Institute

Real Estate Licensing Institute has been providing quality Indiana Real Estate Licensing and Continuing Education courses for more than 30 years. Founded by Buford Eddy in 1986, it was one of the first private Real Estate Schools approved by the State of Indiana. Buford Eddy is the Director of Real Estate Licensing Institute and one of the Indiana licensed Continuing Education and  Pre-License Instructors.  Our main focus in our Pre-license Broker Classes is to prepare the student to pass the state exam. To do so, we concentrate on test taking practice and skills and repetition of information. All our Instructors are experienced licensed Real Estate Brokers who can relate to students the purpose and application of the materials learned from real world experiences.  As a former Certified National Trainer for an international real franchise, Mr. Eddy emphasizes the importance of how to build a real estate business and techniques to make it successful.

Continuing Education course are continuously updated and new, relevant course are designed as needed. All CE classes meet the criteria for approval by the State of Indiana and have the content for practical and relevant application in today’s rapidly changing industry.

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