We offer several learning methods to allow our students to choose the one that suits their needs and learning preferences. License Laws determine the content, number of hours offered, attendance requirements, exams, and passing scores. Every class has been approved by the State. The options for taking the classes and their requirements are as follows:


The traditional classroom setting is what most people think of when taking educational courses. It means you will have an onsite Licensed Instructor, a classroom setting with tables, chairs, audio visual equipment, and textbooks. The classes for getting your license are usually two nights per week, for 4 hours and continue for 11 weeks. Indiana requires you to be physically present for 80% of those hours and pass 3 exams with a cumulative score of 225 out of a possible 300. You must be present to take the exams. To help you decide which method will work for you, we’ve listed the following pros and cons below.


1. Live and instant interaction with your Licensed Instructor.
2. Input and interaction with fellow students.
3. Live review and discussion of materials, quizzes and exams.
4. Question/answer sessions and group discussions


1. Travel time to and from classes.
2. Scheduled classes require reserving blocks of time.
3. Minimum attendance required.
4. Must schedule other activities around classes
5. Missed classes can only be made up in another live class of the same subject.

Live Stream (Zoom) classes


1. No Travel times.
2. Classes can be attended from any location with internet.
3. Real Time interaction with other students.
4. Real time Licensed instructor for instant interaction
5. Real time live review of materials, quizzes and exams
6. Question/Answer sessions and group discussions.


1. Scheduled Classes require reserving blocks of time.
2. Minimum attendance required.
3. Must schedule other activities around classes.
4. Internet and equipment required.
5. Missed classes can only be made up in another class of same subject



1. Classes can be taken on students time and schedule
2. Classes can be taken from any location and at any time with internet service.
3. Classes are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
4. The time for completing the classes is up to one year.
5. All classes, quizzes and exams are always available for review or study.
6. Classes can be taken at any pace or time desired until completion.
7. Accelerating the amount of time in online class per day could substantially reduce the amount of days to graduation.


1. Interaction with instructor is only available by email, phone, or messaging.
2. There is no interaction with other students except for posted comments.
3. Minimum time in each class is required to meet State minimums.
4. Student must pass understanding quizzes to move on to next section.